• Wisal Abbas

The Inception

I have started my career as a computer programmer, mainly developing information systems. This involved requirement gathering, negotiation, analysis, design, implementation, testing, training, and maintenance. However, the parts that I have enjoyed most were requirement gathering, negotiation, and training. I enjoyed communicating with stakeholders via written documents, presentations, meetings, and training sessions. I was amazed on how we had to say the same thing to different stakeholders in a different way. We tailored the documents and presentations’ content to meet the needs of the target audience. I have realized that it is not sufficient to be knowledgeable if you lack communication skills. Your audience might not remember all what have been written or said; however, they will never forget how you made them feel. It is not about the content; it is about the presentation. And that was the beginning.

Communication: written, verbal, and non-verbal, became a special topic that attracted my attention. Writing a document (technical, academic, or administrative) was a task, and editing the document for a certain audience was another task. It is extremely important that the core message is communicated via all parts of the document; the wordings, the structure, the flow of the sentences, the introduction, and the closure of the document. Similarly, during presentations, self-preparation is equally important as content preparation to create the desired impact on the audience. Communication became my new passion.

I have started a project that mainly focuses on assisting clients in improving their communication skills. I assist them in improving their written documents to meet a specific target by providing proofreading, reviewing, and editing services. I assist them in improving their presentation skills by providing training courses on verbal and non-verbal techniques. What is special about this venture is that I handle each case as my own. While proofreading, I don’t just correct errors, I explain what went wrong and provide suggestions. Prior to conducting workshops, I undertake a research project on the desired topic.

Welcome to Wisal Abbas Services; the path to authentic communication.